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The Male Body in Victorian Literature & Culture

The breadth and depth of scholarship on Victorian men and masculinities leaves much to be explored. This special issue is the result of a call for essays which aimed to bring together the work of scholars who seek to contribute to the filling this gap. The essays we have selected for this volume share a central concern for the exploration of the Victorian male body not only as a signifier of a variety of gendered identities, anxieties, and norms but also as a physical canvas on which we can trace masculinity’s inherent and complex intersections with a variety of nineteenth-century discourses. As such, they consider both the metaphorical and literal inscriptions with which writers and artists have endowed the Victorian male body and which reveal new perspectives on the period’s constructions of social class, empire, race, nationhood, war, disability, science, and religion, be it through consumption, appearance, or disembodiment. In doing so, the issue goes beyond representations of male physical deviance and discipline.

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Biographical Note

I’m currently Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University and one of BBC Radio 3’s New Generation Thinkers 2015. I hold a PhD in English Literature from the University of Hull, and a first-class BA (Hons) in English Literature & English Language from the University...

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From Where You Stand: Stories of Academia

From the day I launched The New Academic in 2012 to the moment I’m writing this post, my website has had 120,000+ visitors, and its number of monthly visitors has reached almost 7,000. It’s not much by some people’s standards, but it’s a whole lot more than I ever thought...

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Women Writing Pleasure

3 July 2015, Liverpool John Moores University. I’m pleased to say that I’m co-organising this conference with two of my department’s PhD students: Chloe Holland and Krystina Osborne. Take a look at this post if you’d like to know more about the conference.

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Essay Preparation

This lecture prepares students for the first essay on Literary & Cultural Theory. Next to recapping some basic guidelines (with the help of pet videos), it also tries to explain some of the new challenges students might face when writing an essay which incorporates theory.


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